About our family


We’re Emma, Marek & a stubborn Shiba Inu called Bear.

This is a lifestyle blog dedicated to people who are in search of a cookbook for life, love and comfort food.

I am a Writer & Marek is a Photographer. We met in 2013 and we’ve been crazy about each other ever since. In 2016, we adopted a cute little Shiba Inu, who turned out to be a total asswipe, but that doesn’t make us love him any less. Right now we’re working on getting out of a rental apartment and buying our very own home, where we could fool around, make babies and love one another until we’re a couple of old farts.

In this blog you’ll find recipes we’ve cooked; places we’ve travelled; little DIY projects; what it’s like to live with a meme dog, beauty tips & maybe even some crappy relationship advice.

Bear with us!