A couple of new books

Last year I purchased two wonderful books that I haven’t yet had the time to share with you.

One of them is a poetry book The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur, which is ethereal (my current favourite word). I knew I had to get it the moment I saw it on pre-order on Urban Outfitters, since her first book Milk and Honey changed my life. I’ve found pleasure in writing since I was a little girl, but never ever would have I thought that I’d become interested in poetry, more less write it myself. So, thank you Rupi for waking something in me that I didn’t know was there in the first place. Although I did like your first book slightly better, it was still worth every penny.

My favourite poem in this book:

when my daughter is living in my belly

i will speak to her like

she’s already changed the world

she will walk out of me on a red carpet

fully equipped with the knowledge

that she is capable of

anything she sets her mind to

The second one is Illustration School: Let’s Draw Cute Animals by a Japanese artist Sachiko Umoto, which provides detailed instructions for illustrating cute animals (from Golden Retrievers to sea lions). I got this book because I’ve always envied people who can draw. Unfortunately, I haven’t been blessed with this gift, so I hope this book will help me get better. And if one day we become parents to a cute little girl (or a boy), then we’ll teach her/him to draw by the same book.

What was the last book you bought?

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