Book recommendation: Explorations of a Cosmic Soul

As many of you may already know, my love for poetry has grown tremendously over the past few years. I found Allie Michelle (the author of Explorations of a Cosmic Soul) through Instagram – @alliemichellel. She is actually a yoga teacher – a thing that is also close to my soul, since it has helped me get my anxiety under control and live a little more balanced life. I had always admired the heart-warming and educating captions she wrote under her ethereal photos, so when she announced that she self-published a poetry book, I naturally wanted to get it. Maybe it had a little to do with its artistic cover also… Anyhow, I’m really amazed on how such a young woman can write words so big, that they’ll penetrate right through your soul. I’d recommend it to anyone who feels lost in life, because for me that book was the ray of light that brought me out of a dark place.

My favourite poem from the book:

Inner Animal

“A leaf came down and kissed me on the face

As I looked up I saw a bird take flight

Its wings spread beneath the sun’s rays

We spend so much of our lives looking down

Getting lost in the chatter of our mind’s

Or stressfully running around

As the bird flew away

I felt the warm sun kiss my skin

And imagined my own wings spreading

For in our deepest state we are akin

This bird symbolized freedom from desire

Call on the animal of your choice

Whose qualities you most admire

Get outside of yourself and away from the mind’s voice

Slip into your animal skin

For in your untamed wildness

You’ll find autonomy within”

You can order her book via Amazon.

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