Chocolatarian recipe

Before I bless you with this so-good-you’re-gonna-lick-the-bowl recipe I want to make one thing clear – this is not an #ad, Boost Yourself founders didn’t hold a gun to my head and make me do this. Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a healthy eater – I love pasta, pizza and everything Italian, but since we have all of their products at home (no, we’re not their ambassadors, I just happen to work for them), we try to make something healthier once in a while. This time we tried making a smoothie bowl with their newest product – Choco Superfood Blend, which contains raw cacao, baobab and pea protein. I mean… you had me at raw cacao… Long story short, it was delizioso and I didn’t even feel guilty eating it.

So here’s the recipe we tried:

2 bananas

200g frozen mango cubes

50ml coconut milk

1 tbsp Choco Superfood Blend

On top we put coconut flakes, Crunchy Super Seeds (sponsored also by Boost Yourself :D), frozen blackcurrants and raspberries.


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