Juustukuningad café

There’s this amazing breakfast place in Nautica Keskus, I’ve been waiting to share with you for the longest time. Before getting into it – no, this post is not sponsored. The reasons why we decided to visit it in the first place is because it’s so close to our home, has a cozy atmosphere AND all of their dishes contain my favourite ingredient – cheese. Also, their prices are quite low (4,95€ for an omelette with two cheese toasts and a salad), with the exception of a little bottle of Evian (3€).

What did we eat? This time I ordered the 3-cheese omelette (10/10) and a non-alcoholic elderflower cider (probably my new favourite). Marek chose the warm toast with cheese, bacon and apple, and a cappuccino. As mentioned above, this wasn’t our first time, so it’s safe to say we both left the place satisfied. All in all, in case you love cheese, low prices, high quality and beautiful atmosphere as much as we do, we’d definitely recommend you to check it out.

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