Kau Manor – Batak Suite

We’ve showed you pictures of Kau Manor before, but since each of their rooms is different, we thought that this particular one deserves its very own post. About a year ago we visited Kau Manor for the second time. We’ve been there for three times in total (the first time is up in our previous blog HERE and the third time is up in this blog HERE), but there are still some rooms left we’d like to stay in in the future.

The Batak Suite already caught Marek’s eye the first time he was booking a room for us in Kau Manor for my birthday, but unfortunately it wasn’t available back then. Luckily we got a chance to stay in this gorgeous room a year later. The bed in this suite was the comfiest little cloud I have slept on and don’t even get me started on the bath. Mõmmi was also with us, so it was perfect.

Their prices are quite high, but you really can’t find a more magical place in Estonia (at least we haven’t). So, in case you’re planning a mini vacay outside Tallinn, that’s the place to point your eyes towards.

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