Life with a meme dog

Since many of you have asked what’s it like to live with a Shiba Inu, I thought we might as well give you a glimpse. Before considering adopting this fox-looking meme dog, bare in mind the following things:


  • Shiba Inu is NOT a Golden Retriever. They are the most independent dogs we’ve met. So if you’re looking for a cuddle buddy, look elsewhere… Shiba will only give you love when he feels like it (even then for only 15 minutes tops). I’m not going to lie, this is something I struggle with the most… Marek not so much, but then again he’s a MAN.
  • The second hardest thing about owning a Shiba is that you can’t let him off his leash – EVER. The breeder told us that she had lost a lot of Shibas because of that. Since they are originally breed as hunting dogs, they’ll follow every leaf/butterfly/plastic bag etc. that catches their eye and no honey… they won’t care if you tell them “NO!”.
  • SHEDDING… 2 times a year, so that your entire home and black clothes (90% of my wardrobe is black) are covered with them. Google “Shiba shedding” to see what I mean.


  • Female Shiba height is about 33-41 cm, male about 35-43 cm (yeah, I know he looks taller on photos) – making them perfect for someone who lives in an apartment!
  • They don’t bark! Although, they might do the Shiba howl (look it up on Youtube), when they hear squeaky noises or police/ambulance/fire truck sirens.
  • They are extremely fastidious (very concerned about matters of cleanliness). Somehow he always manages to stay clean, even in Estonia’s crappy weather – like a cat.

+ I mean… look at him… have you ever seen a breed that looks so adorable? We sure haven’t!

The truth is that we wouldn’t change him for anything else in this world. However, he is a tricky little one, so if you’re torn between Shiba Inu and another breed, then we would recommend you to do your own research on which one is more suitable for you.

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