Noah Surf House – part I

We’re back from our trip to Portugal and Marek has managed to edit all the 1500+ photos we took there, so who’s in for a little trip around this beautiful destination?

1st stop – Santa Cruz

I wanted to go to Santa Cruz because of the Noah Surf House. I knew we would be tired of flying, so it seemed like the perfect place to zone out for the next couple of days – I couldn’t be more right. The minute we arrived to the place, I felt oddly relaxed. The sun was shining through the windows, the air smelled of salt water and everyone were so laid back. It got even better once we saw our room. The view from our balcony was beyond amazing and the bathroom… just WOW… Marek said he wants a similar one in our future home. The bed (probably the most important thing when picking an accommodation) was so comfy that I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

I’m not gonna overwhelm you with all 200+ photos at once, so in this post you’ll only see pics of our room. In case you’re wondering how was the breafast/dinner, late night activities and Noah’s surroundings, don’t go too far – there’s so much more coming!

Once you’ve seen all the posts, you’ll see why in just two short days it became our favourite home away from home.

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