Our best Airbnb experience yet – part I

I had saved this place on Airbnb even before I booked the tickets to Italy. Marek was a bit hesitant about the shared bathroom at first, since I usually spend 2 hours in it at home, but he gave in eventually.

Writing this post brings an enormous grin on my face, because it really was everything one could wish for. Cute little bedroom with breathtaking view; tremendous garden with olive-, persimmon-, pomegranate- and lime trees, flowers and tomato vines; amazing host; nourishing breakfast; option to participate in a cooking class (which we obviously took); sunrises/sunsets and of course the company – there were two older couples besides us, who were the friendliest and funniest people we’ve ever met. Special shout-out to Jean, who treated us like her grandchildren and made the most bomb blood orange tequila cocktails. As it came out later, she had been a chef all her life and even cooked for Goldie Hawn at some point… freaking GOLDIE HAWN! This lady was pure fire.

Here’s our host’s profile, in case you became interested in staying there:


In the next post you’ll see the meals we made in the cooking class and some behind the scenes – stay tuned!

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