Rotermann Food Street – part II

Now that we’ve visited all 8 restaurants, we’ve developed some favourites and some that weren’t quite our cup of tea. So, before I get to the last 4 restaurants – RØSTPurée, Saku Gastro Taqueria, let us introduce you our TOP 5 restaurants in Rotermann Food Street that can expect to see us a lot more in the future – especially since we live so near by and these are the only places where you could get a proper meal, without selling your soul (*excluding PULL, but I’d be willing to sell my soul to the Devil to get my hands on that pulled pork again).



3. Purée


5. Taqueria

Now to the restaurants:


I ordered cinnamon bun and Marek ordered cardamom bun – 9/10.

No small talk here. We’ve visited this place before because of its soft, photogenic and oh-so-delicious buns, and to date we haven’t been disappointed once. As you can see below, even Mõmmi approves.


We both ordered vegetable soup – 7/10 and a whole lot of banana bread – 9/10.

With 10€ we got 4 slices of banana bread, two soups and a sandwich… So, from all the 8 places, this one is definitely the cheapest, but also one of the greatest (we even spotted two of our celebrities there). They have different lunch offers every day, so it’s wise to keep your eye on their Facebook page.

Saku Gastro

I ordered pan-fried cod – 4/10.

The fish was over-salted and the potato purée tasted like it’s made of yesterday’s potatoes.

Marek ordered Gastro beef burger – 3/10

The bun tasted like “Kirde sai”, beef was missing that smoky flavour it should have had and fries looked and tasted like they’d been under a couch pillow for too long. You know what’s really weird? We also visited this place during the Rotermann Restaurants Festival (literally a day before) and ate the same burger, but it looked and tasted so much better.

Overall, this place was our least favourite of the 8.


I ordered pulled pork taco – 7/10.

It was good, but Marek’s taco tasted better than mine, which is weird because I like pork more than beef and it also had the spiciness that Marek’s taco was missing.

Marek ordered shredded beef taco – 8/10

It could’ve been spicier, but otherwise a great taste experience.

We also ordered the chicken quesadillas – 9/10.

Definitely our favourites out of the three. A little bit more cheese and it would’ve been 10/10 for us.

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