Today we finally went to the restaurant that Marek has been dying to visit since it opened – ÜLO. The service was really warm and welcoming, and the interior truly homey. Since the restaurant resides right beside Balti Jaama Turg, the location isn’t too shabby either. As it goes for the food… we couldn’t fault it. I ordered pesto pasta, and it was as good as the one we make at home. For drink, I got the house lemonade with apple and buckthorn, which not only tasted great, but looked amazing also! Marek ordered the beef taco and sweet potato fries with kimchi, and although he doesn’t give much feedback, I could tell he enjoyed them too. What else, what else… Oh! We also got some samosas to share, but unfortunately you might not find them on the menu, because they were this week’s special offer. Maybe next week they’ll have something even better, but I can’t see how they could possibly top the delicious samosas!

Have you already visited ÜLO? What are your thoughts on this place?

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