Villa Cicolina – part I

Visiting Tuscany has been a dream of mine since the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” came out. So, when it came a time to pick a destination for Marek’s 31st birthday, I didn’t have any doubts. Since we’ve always been picky about the places we would stay in during our travels, I spent quite a lot time searching for the perfect hotels/Airbnb apartments. Somehow, this adorable villa in Montepulciano caught my eye and I’m beyond happy it did.

The room… view from our balcony… gardens… infinity pool… lemon/lime/persimmon/olive/walnut trees… vineyard… AND food! Those of you, who read our blog regularly, know that we’re very (sometimes too) open and honest about the things we like and don’t like, but there really wasn’t a thing we could complain about. In fact, we’re thinking about getting married there someday… that’s how deeply we feel about this place.

This post concentrates on the room we stayed in and Villa Cicolina’s gardens + everything you could find in the latter. In the next posts, we’ll introduce you the villa’s owner dog – Luna, show you their most amazing infinity pool and some drone shots of the hotel and its surrounding + talk about food – stay tuned!

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