Villa Cicolina – part III

The last post about our stay in Villa Cicolina is all about food.

Let’s start with the breakfast (included in the price). I mean… if we had stayed there for a whole week, we would have gained at least 5kg. The juicy cantaloupe, fresh strawberries, scrambled eggs as soft as a pillow, lemon cakes, Nutella croissants, tomatoes that taste like the sun that has ripened them, prosciutto… it’s like you’ve died and gone to breakfast heaven.

Same goes to dinner. Definitely on top 5 of the places we’ve dined at. Although, since Marek didn’t take his big boy camera with him, and the place had a romantic dimmed lighting (which I’m glad it did), the pictures don’t really do the food justice. If you should ever decide to visit this magical villa, make sure you dine there at least once – Marek will eat his hat if you won’t like it.

All in all, 10/10 for the whole experience.

We’ll be back!

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