Weekend at parents’ house

The weekend before the last, I had a chance to spend 2 full days all by myself at my parents’ house, since my parents and little brother were vacationing in Germany and Marek was working in Riga. Fortunately, Mõmmi and my parents’ dogs – two Bernese mountain dogs, kept me company.

I have to admit, the first day I struggled with being alone, especially during night-time (because of my anxiety)… I literally couldn’t fall asleep because I was constantly thinking that someone is going to break in the house… The second day I made it my mission to relax a little, since I had slept for 4 hours tops. So I prepared myself a nice warm bath with two essential oils that I found from my mom’s bathroom – both from Estonian brand called Nurme. The harmony of sweet orange and cinnamon made me think of cozy Christmas mornings.

You can get them both here:


My mom also happened to have The Body Shop’s massage oil that I have wanted to get myself for a long time, so after the bath I took the advantage to try it out on my legs. It smells so damn good.

There’s some weird, yet cool, stuff my mom has laying around. For example this sage smudge stick that is used to cleanse your aura and purify the space you’re in. Of course I had to give it a go. Made the house smell like weed, but was oddly enjoyable.

In between, I took some cute photos of Mõmmi sleeping with my (now his) favourite toy – panda.

And what better way to end this post than with this lovely bouquet of flowers that Marek sent me, so I would feel his love even when he’s away.

This post is totally different from what I usually show you, so any feedback would be highly appreciated. We’ve always done this blog more for ourselves, but if there’s something more you’d like to see from us then just let us know – anything can be arranged. Unless it’s porn…

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